Feels are good...for you, for me, for we.



I don’t know what to write.

No, really. Not a clue.

But I am here, showing up like a responsible adult and shit.

I know they say it is important to “do” your craft no matter what. “But I’m sick.” Do it. “But I’m grieving.” Do it. “But I’ve eaten an entire bag of that purple kettle corn from Costco and am feeling fat and sassy!!!” Do it. “But my mind is blank.” DO IT.

So do it no matter what? Got it. I’m right on top of that, Rose.

I keep thinking the more that I sit here and stare at my keyboard, observing the way my fingers sweep across with amazing precision and muscle memory as a means to churn out my thoughts into letters that then appear on my screen, the more likely I am to come up with something to write about.

Nope. Sometimes, it’s just nothing.

Which reminds me of a quote from the new Winnie the Pooh movie, Christopher Robin: “Doing nothing often leads to the very best something.” Hmm, now I have high hopes for this piece.

I was watching a Graham Norton clip earlier with the author Stephen Fry, where he was discussing one of his books, Greek mythology, and the idea that we have lost the power of story telling. Specifically, the act of sitting around a hearth or a campfire, simply to talk with one another and tell stories. Some of the most classic films of our time get this down-Stand by Me comes to mind immediately, when they are gathered around a fire discussing what exactly Goofy is.

Now, they aren’t exactly doing nothing when they are sitting around this campfire, but there is something so simple and innocent about being out in nature with loved ones; just you, them, the outdoors, a fire for warmth, and good conversation. That’s it. Warmth and connection. One could argue this is all we need in life: warmth, literally and figuratively, and to be and feel connected.

This is why when my 8 year-old daughter laments that she is bored, I say “Good. It’s good to be bored.” She of course does not agree and instead ruthlessly continues to huff and complain, but then a few minutes or so later, I’ll find her cozied up in a nook, reading a book, writing a story, creating a whole world for her hatchimals out of wooden blocks and giant legos, singing, dancing, or digging up bugs. Which then leads to discovery and inevitably, warmth and connection.

You see, it all connects.

Now, YOU!

Yeah, you.

Go. Its your turn. Do your craft. Show up for your shit. Build that fire. Share your story. Get that warmth and connection.

That is all. PEACE!

Edit to add: I just realized that one of the blankets that I use everyday to meditate is not only soft and fuzzy, (READ: WARM), but has Winnie the Pooh on it. Gah!

beyond the nervous shit

beyond the nervous shit