Hello, my name is Rachel.

I'm a deep feeler, mother of two, wife of one, budding artist and writer, and therapist and yoga/ayurveda nut/teacher to many.

I can quote most of Beetlejuice, sing all of Let's Go Crazy, hike up a mountain, and enjoy laughing until I either happy-cry or pee myself a little. I also think I'm funny...

It wasn't until my undergrad college years where I truly began to comprehend that what I felt was not only important to really feel, process, and understand, but also manifested itself in my thoughts, actions, bones, and blood.

I then ventured into the professional world and found that our youth did not understand the concept that it is OKAY to feel all their feelings- even anger, sadness, frustration and the like; what you do with them is what matters. This became a mantra for them, for me, for we.

I hope this blog gives you the permission to know that no matter what they are, your feels are good, too. 

Feel free to leave a comment or contact me at rachelp@feelsaregood.com